Tumblr User Explains How To Study Like A Harvard Student And Every Student Must Read It

University can be difficult.

There are exams, essays, assignments, tests, quizzes, your entire life balances on how well you perform on your next test. And of course, given how so many people take part in it, there is a game plan on how to crack university life.

We often look to Harvard as the best of the best, and when you look more closely, you can see why they’ve got such a high standard. The life of a student isn’t difficult, but requires constant hard work over a long period rather than the quick bursts of cramming everyone does before the exams.

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Here’s the comprehensive guide on how to study like a Harvard Student.

There are a few general principles to avoid, because studying has a few requirements.

The five-phase plan on how to get an A in every class, starting with the class itself.

The second phase is to study yourself, and not to study all at once, but rather little by little everyday.

Give yourself incentive and know that your limits are higher than you think.

Don’t highlight assignments because you’ll end up not knowing what you read.

Read everything from beginning till end.

But if you have to choose, read small things in detail rather than big things vaguely. Vague is bad.

When reviewing everything, remember that you are still a living, breathing being with requirements.

Rote learning is a part of studying. It’s something you have to suck up and do.

The end goal is theĀ big picture. Take all the advice given here, and apply them to everything.

People had other small bits of advice as well.

Also, look up and take exams from previous semesters BEFORE you start studying. It will tell you how the information is used and you’ll keepĀ hold of it better. That doesn’t mean memorize the exam. Get rid of the answer key. Just read and attempt the questions.

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