Teacher Makes Students Lock Up Their Phones During Class Every Day & The Kids Love It For A Reason

Back in the 90’s, people barely knew what cellphones were. However, times have changed.

Students back in the days who had cell-phones by any chance were restricted from using them. They were made to keep phones switched off during school hours and kept them inside their bags. But today, it’s quite normal for students to use phones even during class.

We came to know about a teacher in a high school located in Sierra Vista, Las Vegas, who is deliberately trying to change this tradition. Debbie Simon is a Spanish teacher who tells her students to lock up their phones in a special pouch before the class starts.

“They grab their pouches, they come in, they lock their phones, and that’s it,” Debbie told KTNV Las Vegas.

There’s a company known by the name of Yondr, and they make special pouches which magnetically lock phones inside and cannot be reopened until they’ve been swiped across a magnetic base.

Initially, this classroom policy got a lot of backlash from the students when it was implemented last year, but now, they love it.

“The engagement in the classroom went up,” explains Sierra Vista’s Principal Dr. John Anzalone in the video below. “I actually had several students come up to me and say, ‘Thank you, because I haven’t focused in class like this in years.’”

One teen girl said, “We are more focused now.”

“Definitely my grades have improved a little bit,” her classmate remarks.

While emergencies can occur anytime, students are allowed to unlock their phones and step outside of the class.

For the reassurance of their parents, since they might be worried about the kids, the principal told them to call the school directly if they want to speak to their child.

And that’s that. So now with all this being said and done, what are your reviews regarding the whole situation? Is it a good idea or are they overdoing it?

To know more regarding the Yondr pouches, you can check out the video below and kindly share it along with your friends too, to get their remarks on this invention.

Footage and photos provided by KTNV Las Vegas

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