Student Regrets His Racist Tinder Messages That Went Viral And Reached His College President That Might Ruin His Life

Racists have no place in modern society.

If you think that just because of the skin colour you were born with, something that you had nothing to do with, gives you superiority over someone else, then you have no place in modern society. Civilised society will not accept your obvious racial prejudice because of its ridiculous nature. Almost everyone accepts that reality, everyone except dear Conner.

See, Conner is a 20-something year old from Virginia Tech, who matched with a black woman on Tinder. As you may have gathered from how I started this article, Conner is a blatant racist. He starts off the conversation rude, and arrogant.

So she shared what happened and took a screenshot.

This screenshot was then shared with a friend of hers, who mailed the president of VTech.

Pretty soon, he came cowering back with his tail between his legs.

The internet does not forgive, and the internet does not forget, Conner.

People were overjoyed to see that he got what was coming to him.


They made sure that people like him understood the consequences of their actions.


Conner Howell sickened a lot of people and no one thought to gave him any second chances.

People had a variety of opinions.

Of course they told him to write a letter saying he’s sorry. They truly don’t give a damn either. – Donna Matthews

P**** a**. If you gonna say some s*** like that then stick with your opinion. Change just like and trying to p**** out just because his daddy said something. He is not really sorry just trying to save his a**. Cant stand with people like this. – Alex Yoon

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