This College Student Was Kicked Out Of Gym For Wearing An Outfit And It’s Crazy

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 5, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Going to the gym is a healthy part of your life.

Keeping a fit body, and a fit mind is an integral part of your routine and your day. It’s difficult to start, for many, but once you get going, the momentum is as hard to stop as it was to start.

That said, when you’re kicked out of the gym, getting angry is somewhat expected.

Here’s the thing, though. A part of gym etiquette, other than restacking your weights, is to make sure you wear fully covering clothing, so that your skin doesn’t touch with the machines and leave more germs than usual.

It’s for hygienic purposes. But this woman had a difficult time with this.

She uploaded her outfit on Facebook, with a very wordy post.

There was some miscommunication.

But she later clarified that they said it was for sanitary reasons.

There were a lot of different opinions.

Some indifferences.

There were those who were sexist and gave her special points for being a woman.

Others disagreed with her definition of a shirt.

It’s common to wear proper clothing.

But equality was the most toted reason.

You can check out the original post here:


Regardless of whether you think she was overreacting for attention, or you think she’s justified:

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