This Student Snapchatted Her Horrible Exam Experience & It’s Hilariously Cinematic

University is a trip.

In school, teachers are ridiculously strict, rule-abiding, and careful with everything that they do. They make sure that they take every class, and are adamant that university will be tougher.

And when you finally get there? The class is canceled because the professor is hungover.

For Ann Mark, things were worse. See, she was supposed to write in a special blue notebook for her final, and she realised that she didn’t have one. And that happened at the very last minute. So she dashed to the store to buy it, and when she came back, it took her a moment or two to realise that she didn’t recognise any of the faces nearby.

So she asked if she was in the right paper, and turns out, no she wasn’t. It was physics! So out she runs, and calls her bestfriend. She asks her where the paper was, and it was in a building named Hogg. When she got there, there was a huge line out, and that was alarming since the paper was supposed to start in a few minutes.

Turns out, there are two Hogg buildings in her campus, and she was in the wrong one. When Twitter found out, they were mortified and entertained. It should be a movie!

Her story is so dramatic.


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