Student Gets Suspended For Defending Himself Against A Bully But His Dad Has The Best ‘Punishment’ For Him

Violence is never the answer.

Now, I honestly believe that to be true but ‘never’ is a bit too strong since sometimes violence is the only solution to a problem. Especially when we talk about bullies. Most bullies tend to do emotional damage rather than physical, but those who do should probably be taught a lesson.

And Imgur user wolverineprostateexams‘ cousins certainly agrees with that. You see, he was being bullied for quite a while by a guy when he just had enough. So yes, rather than just taking the beating this time, he fought back.

Surprise surprise, the school suspended both of them. Why? I have no idea since if the school didn’t want violence to happen, they should have probably paid attention to kids who were being bullied.

You can read the whole story below.

The kid was tired of getting beaten up, so he defended himself. 

Violence might not be a good idea, but sometimes it’s necessary.

And his dad agrees with that wholeheartedly.

Most people support the bullied kid’s action.

Everyone has that right.

Parents like to think their kid is an angel.

Serves him right.

At least the bully learned a lesson.

You don’t sound like an asshole to me, though.

Do you think the bullied kid was in the right here? Or should he have tried a different tactic rather than beating up his bully? Comment on below and let us know what you think about the above story.

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