Hilarious Comics Accurately Depicts The Struggles Of Being A Mother For First Time

A new mother on maternity leave was faced with the reality that motherhood isn’t as easy as she thought.

She doodles under the name My Tired Mommy, and they are an incredibly diverse series of comics. Some are sad, and prod at the harsh reality that being a mom is the most unrewarding job you could have. The countless nights spent trying to keep the baby asleep, while you yourself don’t catch a wink.

The overwhelmed mother couldn’t even give the baby off to her husband because she couldn’t go of her child. She started posting these comics on social media as an outlet during her maternity leave. It started as a coping mechanism, and once other mothers resonated with her doodles, she started becoming more regular, posting more and more frequently.

Her Instagram only has a small number of followers, less than 300, but she deserves a lot more! She doesn’t shy away from more difficult topics like breastfeeding, and career struggles or anything like that. Far from shy, she does everything she can to be honest and true to the difficulties that come with motherhood.

Source: Instagram

#1 Strollers.

#2 Breast troubles.

#3 Differences while at home and on vacation.

#4 Finally letting go and leaving your husband to take care of him for a bit.

#5 Before the baby and after the baby.

#6 Sleepless nights.

#7 Befriending another mom to ease out.

#8 Counting down.

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