Cute Comics Depict The Daily Struggles Of A Teacher In A Room Full Of Toddlers

Being a parent is the hardest job a person could have.

It is, however, followed by being a teacher. Especially if you happen to be in kindergarten. Allow me to introduce Colm Cuffe, a primary school teacher from Galway, Ireland with a passion for both shaping the minds of the future, and illustration. Sometime last year, back in September, he combined his two joys into the wonderful creation that is When’s It Hometime?

The comic series depict hilarious exchanges Cuffe’s had over the years, and in his own words:

If you teach kids, have kids, know kids, have been a kid…or remain a kid at heart, these comics are for you!

And he’s right.

#1 Because, let’s face it, even teacher’s need an ice-cream after school

#2 In hindsight, creating multiple mugs saying one is best was probably not a very honest idea.

#3 Do students get more worn out or do the teachers?

#4 The joys of a field trip

#5 And one is probably going to skip school to go to Disneyland.

#6 They have the attention span of a goldfish

#7 The last hurdle before you begin the cycle over again

#8 The horror.

#9 Is that a fidget spinner.

#10 This reminds me of the schoolyard jokes I was a part of.

#11 That’s a fair question, honestly.

#12 A moment of relaxation

#13 There’s nowhere you can run where they won’t find you

#14 In his defense, you’re supposed to teach them common sense, Cuffe.

#15 I think the teacher’s face at the last panel is us all.


#17 Didn’t she just tell you that was “so last year” a few comics ago?

#18 At least her parents don’t have to save up for college.

#19 That is a lot of money for a kindergartner.

#20 Infant vocabulary seeps into your adult life.

#21 Even the teacher is a little concerned.

#22 At this point, I’m wondering how Cuffe hasn’t gone mad already

#23 It’s almost like the teacher also has hair. Shocking.

#24 He was probably distracted by trying to find the page number that he didn’t know.

#25 Just say yes and move on.

#26 They don’t want them any more than he does.

#27 There are at least three kids dabbing.

#28 Can teachers even spare time for their friends?

#29 Sophie’s curiousity is good for her, even if it’s bad for him.

#30 Why does he even bother?

All in all, teachers are an underappreciated and important part of our society. Colm Cuffe’s comics give us a tad bit of insight into the life of a teacher that spends half his time absolutely done with his students. He makes comics once a week, and you can find him over at his Facebook or his Twitter.


When’s It Hometime? Facebook page. 

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