19 Hilarious Tweets That Explains The Struggle To Fall Asleep Is Real

Sleep Is The Most Beautiful Thing Ever.

However, attaining this wonderful thing can prove to be quite the hard task. You see, sleeping is the only moment where you can let go of life’s problems. Ironically, however, that’s exactly when we are reminded of all the problems.

It gets truly frustrating when all you want is a little shut-eye but end up thinking about all the things you didn’t do in the day. So it is quite good to see that many people find humor in this situation.

The following tweets might not provide a good solution, but they will provide a good laugh.

#1 You Have To Be Quiet.


#2 Now You Will Never Be Able To Sleep.


#3 Shit! I Forgot To Close The Fridge.

#4 ‘You Sleeping?’ – Birds.

#5 I Love My Phone Too Much To Do That.

#6 I Wonder If I Can Kill A Person With A Corn.


#7 I Can Totally Sort Out My Life In An Hour.

#8 Many People Can Relate To This One.


#9 Couch Is Always More Comfortable Than A Bed.

#10 I Have To Watch The Next Episode.

#11 Maybe If I Just Count The Sheep Till Five-Hundred Next Time.


#12 I Will Get Tired Easily This Way.

#13 It’s Fine, I Still Have An Hour Or Two.


#14 Then You Fall Asleep In The Class The Next Day.

#15 Yes, That Is Much More Important.

#16 How Could I Yell At Mother When I Was Five?

#17 ‘It Might Have Been Because Of The Beaming Light’ He Realized.

#18 Well, Who Hasn’t Gone Through That?

#19 Shall I Go For A Walk Again?


What did you think of the above tweets? Did you relate with any of these? These might not have given you any solution for your sleeping problems; However, they might have given you a few needed laughs. Comment on below and tell us your hilarious sleeping stories.

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