Street Artist In Germany Covers Swastikas With Amazing Artwork And We’re Here For It

Get rid of the hate.

While it maybe be easier said then done. It only takes one person to make a positive change. And that is quite clear from the following #paintback campaign. You may already know the hate that is attached with the swastika symbol.

Well, Ibo Omari has started to cover up these hate symbols that have started appearing more frequently on the walls of Berlin in the recent years. He wants to urge people to cover up these symbols with whimsical art.

Following is a short video of the group.

It all starts with the ugly sign that represents white nationalism.


Which is later turned into unique art.


Puzzles are the most popular ones.


And you can’t even see what once resided on the wall.


There is however some cover-ups that seem to be mocking the people who drew this symbol in the first place.

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The group seems to be sticking out their tongues to these people.

Painting them as the insects that they rightfully are.


It only takes a few lines to make the swastika symbol into something entirely different.


#paintback campaign has been getting quite a positive response from people.

So when will you be picking up a can of spray paint?

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