This Artist Is Dragging Everyone Through Filth With His Street Art And It’s Hilarious

The rawest form of art can be expressed through street art.

This rawest form of artistry, not only lets the artist pour his heart out, but it also has no boundaries. The sheer beauty of street art can’t be appreciated unless you look closer. And street art maven Lushsux knows just how to grab that attention. This artist is absolutely savage, dragging people through absolute filth. Lushsux’s lack of sympathy for the world is uncanny. Moreover, his Twitter handle portrays his weird obsession with the famous Youtuber Pewdiepie. And his appreciation of art with bucket-load of freedom.

This artist is dragging everyone through hell filth with his street art, and it’s hilarious:

1. I’m gay.

2. Can you not paint crap on my wall?

3. Race war.

4. Hacker man.

5. How nice guys think sex works.

6. Who would’ve thought?

7. He did it.

8. Creepy uncle Joe.

9. Started from the bottom.

10. This is GOLD!

11. Mom’s spaghetti.

12. You are already dead.





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