10+ Strangest Pizza Delivery Requests That Are Bizarre And Hilarious

As if prank calls weren’t enough already to annoy the pizza delivery guy, we have come up with something even more annoying. Making unnecessary and unusual requests apart from ordering your average pizza. YES, I am talking about annoying the hell out of the delivery guy with those strange requests in the ‘special instructions’ box.

Have you ever made a special request to your pizza delivery guy and thought maybe it was a bit weird? If so, then think again, because whatever you thought was slightly strange is nothing compared to what you are about to see.

Here is a collection by youandmeandrainbows of some of the strangest and most hilarious requests made to pizza delivery guys. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 When you are trying to use what you learned in your math class practically.

#2 This definitely looks like the work of a 10-year-old.

#3 Can you not?

#4 ‘The customer is always right’

#5 “Hang in there!”

#6 Well, looks like somebody didn’t have a good time.

#7 Creativity kicks in itself when you are high

#8 This is not what I asked for. What is this?

#9 When you want pizza, but also a date.


#10 How high do you need to be to pull this off?

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