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The Internet Is Applauding For This Stranger Who Saved A Woman On The Subway

The Internet Is Applauding For This Stranger Who Saved A Woman On The Subway

Not all heroes wear capes!

The world is full of people who have bad intentions. You can go out in public and never know what the person sitting next to you is planning. To always expect good is one thing, but you can’t always work your way out of a difficult/dangerous situation so being cautious is important.

While people can have bad intents for others for different reasons when out in public, the statistics for cases like these are ridiculously high when we talk about women and harassment. This is a major ongoing problem which is increasing at an alarming rate every year and needs to be fixed.

Just recently, a woman on Reddit shared the horrible story of her encounter with an extremely creepy guy on the subway. The guy kept following and bothering her but fortunately, a stranger had her back.

Scroll on below and read the incident in her own words.

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Here’s what she posted on Reddit.

It’s fascinating how you can get help in difficult times from the most unexpected places. Michael is the hero we all need!

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Here’s how the internet responded to the whole story.

Great ideas and initiatives!

Even the smallest expression of concern can mean a lot to someone.

While many such cases are reported every day, there are tons of those that go unnoticed. The transport of London is encouraging people to report all unwanted/forceful encounters. Watch the video.

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