This Stranger Offered This Man Best Relationship Advice That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

A relationship is a significant part of a person’s life.

It’s what helps you grow, and become a better person. And the sad thing is, we grow up with a very twisted and unrealistic idea of what a relationship is like. It’s almost Disney-esque, that the first person you fall in love with is the one you spend the rest of your life with. That’s not how things work at all, and if it does, it’s rare.

One of the hardest things that come with being in a relationship is when neither of you are at fault, but it simply doesn’t work. You’re just two very different people who don’t feel so strongly about each other, and your relationship simply doesn’t work. It’s a hard reality, but something you must eventually face.

Imgur user  had this interaction with a stranger about his relationship the other day, and the advice they gave was real and wholesome.

Source: Imgur

#1 It started with an accidental message where he thought he contacted his cousin, Elizabeth.

#2 As for why, it was because she evidently gave really good relationship advice, and he needed some at the time.

#3 They’re trying their best, but they’re just not ready for a relationship like that one.

#4 He should put himself first, everyone should.

#5 Long and detailed or short and sweet? It varies depending.

#6 Eventually, he admitted that she was right, and that this needed to be addressed as soon as possible.

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