Guy Takes The Perfect Revenge On A Stranger That Keeps Blocking His Parking Space

Wasn’t Dealing with bad drivers infuriating enough that we have to deal with people taking up reserved parking spaces too?!

This is just unacceptable. You can’t take someone else’s reserved parking space. It’s so obvious I don’t even need to explain. And just as unfortunate as it all sounds, this is precisely what happened with an Australian Redditor.

Some stranger blocked Redditor’s parking space, and he/she wouldn’t stop doing it. The Redditor tried getting help, but nothing worked. So, he decided to take the matter in his own hands and took revenge.

Scroll on below and read everything in his words!



Here’s what he posted on Reddit.

Now the story begins.

The guy tried various methods, but nothing worked.

The stranger didn’t care.

However, enough was enough.

It was a messed-up situation.

But, an incredible idea struck him at the last minute.

Behold, The Vehicle Positioning Jacks!


I bet you already know where this is going.


Friends were there to help.

They moved the car somewhere else.

That sounds like a pretty tight spot.

“Only about a foot of space for movement.”

Here’s a visual representation of how they moved the car.

Some clarifications.

This is what it looked like.

Edit 2:

Edit 3:

Edit 4:

Redditors quickly responded to the hilarious story.

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