Nurse’s Ridiculously Wild Story Shows Why Nursing Can Be A Real Pain In The Ass

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 30, 2018
  • 4 minutes read

Nursing is a really underappreciated profession.

Doctors are given a lot of respect for the income they have and the work they do, but nurses? They don’t get nearly enough love and admiration as they deserve. They have to deal with people on the verge of sanity, get pissed and crapped on, both figuratively and at times literally, for a meager income.

And in cases like these… Well, it makes me truly appreciate the stuff nurses have to stomach. It’s a real… Pain in the ass.

Source: Imgur

This is the story of Nurse Pam.

She’s starting her shift, let’s call nurse Pam. Pam has been informed of whats going on in the changeover and walks in to the cubicle…….girl on the bed, lets go with Amy, drugged to shit with painkillers, mother quietly semi sobbing, boyfriend (lets run with Jerry, he sounds like a Jerry) sitting on side of the bed with a look that can only be described as acceptance of his fate,

……and her father on the other side, legs crossed, just staring at some pamphlet or brochure, face described as passive, but with angry eyes she said,

And then the ball drops.

Amy’s got a rectal prolapse… I mean sweet fucking Jesus he literally sucked the arse outta her, I’m not too au fait with the exact workings n shit, no pun intended but lack of lube, too fast withdrawal creates a vacuum, a lot of damage was caused, a lot, Amy is fucked for life level, may need full bag etc, Pam was there to tell them they were nearly ready for surgery and wouldn’t be much longer and check levels etc

The mothers sobbing continues, “how could you do this to my little girl”….”how”…….”how” Pam was just running through basic permissions etc, sign here yada yada yada trying not to make eye with anyone but Amy, but looking at Jerry she said he looked white as a sheet and ready to pass out,

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