This Guy’s Story Of Impulsive Parents Needs To Be A Movie ASAP

Parents can be impulsive at times.

But not as much as this guy’s parents. A Twitter user who goes by the name @princecharmingp shared his parents’ story online, and it was wild from start to end! If you thought your parents were, get ready for the story below.

You’re going to be baffled by this story, but trust me, it’s worth it.

His parents owned a monkey Wild start, eh?

His stepfather loved the monkey more than the child.

He shared how he was born.

And that his mother had two children and a monkey.

His mom was on her own.

And his little sister was born.

Now she has three kids and a monkey.

His stepfather stepped up his game.

Before a rival walked in.

So they moved away.

His stepfather died.

The funeral was packed.

The monkey was crying.


The monkey…

This is him.

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