Guy Tells The Story Of How He Tested A Taser On His Own Naked Skin And It Will Leave You In Stitches

This is the story of Tony Welch and the Tazer.

Back in the early parts of 2017, right after New Years’, Tony Welch posted a story on his Facebook detailing events from an incident involving a Tazer. See, Welch is a loving husband, and he was worried about the health and safety of his wife. So, to make sure she had something to defend herself, he bought her a Tazer.

He was skeptical, of course. After all, it’s just five inches long, and powered by AAA batteries. There’s no way it can take down a dedicated assailant. So he did what any reasonable man would do at that stage, and tested the Tazer on himself.

It went as you’d expect it to.

Source: Facebook

It’s a PSA.

The Tazer is cool, obviously!

But it can’t be that bad, right?

So he sat there with his cat, deep in thought.

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