Grab A Drink! This Woman’s Story Starts With Her Dog Taking Shit And Ends Up In A Meth House

This girl had the weirdest, trippiest day ever.

Erin Scafe babysits some kids, and lives in a compound with four units, and is cool with all of her neighbours except the new weird couple. Her story starts with some dog crap, and ends up in a meth house and it’s an unbelievable adventure. See, a week ago, she came home to find that her dog had taken a dump in her living room.

So she comes home, and finds a footprint in it. Nothing was stolen, and she asked her neighbours, and no one said it was them, so she just shrugged it aside and moved on. A week later, she comes home, and accidentally locks her keys, wallet, and phone into her car around the time the police are all set up in front of her house.

I could tell you more, but that isn’t fair to her. You should hear it from her instead.

We’re getting into the thick of it.

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