Dad’s Powerful Story About Suicide And Depression Is A Reminder That It Gets Better And You Need To See It Now

Nobody is a stranger to pain and feeling depressed.

But, for some it reaches a point of crippling one’s motivation to even live. Craig Stone is one of those people who wrote his way out of depression. He is a father and an author who battled the illness of depression.

His story is a powerful reminder that if you try it will eventually get better.

Craig Stone

Eight years ago, Stone considered taking his own life. And the story of him recovering from that repulsive phase of depression is heartbreaking.

See that bench. 8yrs ago I sat on it thinking about throwing myself off Blackfriars Bridge. Today, I took this pic of my son. Tomorrow might be the same. But it might also be brighter. It might even bring unimaginable brilliance. Hang in there. Love is always coming. #depression

Since he shared it on Sunday, Stone’s story went viral with over 7000 re-tweets.

And clearly, he’s not alone in his struggle. In response, many people shared their own stories of conquering depression.

It served as a ray of hope for many battling with crippling depression.

It’s bringing a chorus of mental health awareness.

The overwhelming response compelled Stone to respond with an appreciation note for his followers.

The story was such an inspiration to many that even twitter had nothing nasty to say about it.

If you’re reading this and are struggling with depression. Hang in there because you’re not alone and things will get better. All you have to do is hold on to the leash of faith.



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