This Guy’s Twitter Story About Cursed Ouija Board Will Surely Keep You Up Tonight

Are you scared of Ouija boards?

I mean, it’s just a board game that summons demons and evil spirits I get that. But, to all those who have never used an Ouija Board before, this is for you.

Following is a part terrifying part funny story of what happened with a guy 13 years ago. That day still haunts him and trust me it’s understandable why.

Scroll down and read the whole story.

Caution: This is a bit scary.


Stay away from Ouija boards.

Toxic person.

Katrina was coming.


Aunt was into weird sh*t.


She drowned while still in a wheelchair.

Recovery of items.

Middle of nowhere.

Discovering the Ouija board.

Bad idea.

This is hilarious, tbh.

Another bad idea.

This is where it gets interesting.

“Go get the phone.”

Oh dear.

Yeah…it’s the ice maker.


This keeps getting better.

Here we go again.

Oh, sh*t.

If I were there, I’d have a heart attack.



The cousin was making it worse.

Get ready.

Oh my god.

I would have legit passed out by now.

Can anyone else feel their heartbeat?

Turn of events.


I can’t stop laughing.

At this point, everything is very intense.


Wait…a lot of water? (are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?)

That’s crazy.

I’d never go back either.

Can’t blame him. This was indeed a very traumatising event.

Exactly what I thought.

This can be a hit!

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