The Story About The Day Chris Evans Adopted His Dog Will Warm Your Heart

Everything is better with dogs.

How boring would it be to eat lunch all alone? However, if your dear doggo is with you, it can instantly turn fun with him running around and wagging his tail. What else could you ever want?

Even though I am more of a cat person, (Don’t hurt me!), even I can admit that dogs are much more loving and affectionate than any other animal. Their loyalty is unmatched even when it comes to humans.

Even drinking water is fun for them!

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And even better than buying a new dog is adopting one. I am certain that they are much more grateful. And I am not making this up either. Have you looked at the dog that Chris Evans adopted?

Chris Evans recently posted a short video showing how he met Dodger.

Nobody would need anyone else rather than their dog companion.

Dodger just might be truly perfect.

However, he doesn’t like it when Chris has to work.

And it won’t ever get old.

Look at that adorable face!

Dodger cares more about playing than taking selfies.

Never play with your food!

And look at how much Dodger missed Chris!

He even has his very own stuffed lion.

His puppy dog eyes are just making my heart melt.

I can understand why Chris Evans loves Dodger so much. Do you have a dog companion? If so, did you adopt him? Why not share his hilarious antics in the comments section below?

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