Stephen Colbert Fans Submit Pictures Of America’s Greatness

With the 4th Of July celebrations wrapping up, Americans are feeling the flames of patriotism starting to fade.

Fireworks, BBQ, and everything painted red, white, and blue, Americans are just about done celebrating. The first Independence Day under President Trump with political tensions as high as they are, it’s nice to see everyone come together in camaraderie for once.

So what happens when there are so many Americans celebrating their Americanness? Beyond the hilarious tweets, there are also some that will make you proud to be American.

#1 It started with Stephen Colbert asking his followers to send him pictures that made them feel the American spirit

#2 And everyone delivered

#3 With people posing with prominent individuals

#4 Different scenic pictures, all from the States.

#5 Doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating it in the forest

#6 Or donning the colours with your family


#7 Even their children felt proud to be who they were

#8 It’s called the melting pot of the world for a reason


#9 With everyone taking a trip in history to find out why they’re there in the first place.

#10 He had a dream, and it came true

#11 First and only country on the moon

#12 But also one leading in child obesity rates.

#13 For better or worse, they dabbed their way to patriotism

#14 With landscapes such as the Grand Canyon

#15 However, not all of them could take breaks on the 4th of July

#16 Nothing yells American more than a Rib Fest

#17 And also, lots of BBQ

#18 How could it be complete without scenic fireworks?

#19 But at the end of the day, all that matters is feeling the red, white, and blue.




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