Experts Say If You’re Staying Friends With Your Ex After Breaking Up, You’re A Psychopath

Relationships are a sensitive matter for many.

And when you break up with someone you really care about, odds are, it’s because things didn’t work out. And that can be gut-wrenching. It isn’t always the case that someone messed up or cheated or whatever. It can be something as simple as you just aren’t happy with each other.

Exes can be a very difficult thing to manage, and it’s rare to have an emotionally invested relationship that ends on reasonable terms. It’s always heartbreaking, and there’s soreness all around.

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But what if your ex is a psychopath?

How can you tell? It’s not like there’s a signboard on top of your head that points out psychopathy?

Turns out, there’s an outline that you can follow to check if you or your ex are psychopaths. See, the definition of a psychopath means that they lack empathy, and approach relationships from a cold, calculating point of view.

Having exes around provides the opportunity for the psychopaths to still get access to certain resources, such as information, money, or sex. By collecting bonds with ex-partners that can’t stay away, psychopaths reported their “strategic” motivations, such as the “practicality and the chance of hooking up.”

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Sound like someone you know? We’d love to hear the story.

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