Starbucks Denied This Black Guy The Bathroom Code But White People Were Using It & He’s Got It On Tape

It seems racism is rampant all around the world.

Even though many think we are making strides in eliminating racism once and for all, that might not be true, and stories like the following bring much-needed attention to this matter. Now, you would think Starbucks is a ‘progressive’ company…

But how truly progressive can they be if they are not letting a black guy use the bathroom? While I know that apparently ‘nobody’ is allowed to use the bathroom before they order, why is it that a white guy was allowed to use it before he ordered?

I am not dramatizing this either, following is the social media post.

It’s genuinely abhorrent to see how the apparent ‘manager’ is treating the guy. I mean, it’s like they are approaching a wild animal rather than listening to his complaint. Why was he treated differently than the white guy?

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Understandably, people were quite angry at Starbucks.

How hard is it to treat everyone equally?


Many people hated the way the ‘manager’ dealt with the issue.

Perhaps she was making it all up?


I honestly believed that too, but I was sadly wrong.

Not just in America, It’s all around the world.

But what are we supposed to do then? Act like nothing wrong is happening?

Which saddens me all the more.


Will we ever be able to change our behavior?

We certainly should, but don’t think that is going to help.

But there were a few comments that were racist as hell.

The all mighty dollar, indeed!

So how will you respond to this, Starbucks?

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Were you surprised by the way the Starbucks employee acted or did you already know that they were racist? Comment on below and let us know.

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