St. Louis Blues Makes A Twitter User Their Permanent Fan After He Watches Hockey For The First Time

Always give everything a chance!

You don’t really know if you like something until you actually give it a chance. So many times we miss out on interesting/fun things and opportunities just because we believe ‘it’s not meant’ for us. Same was the case of this one particular Twitter User, Tony X. You see, Tony had always been a die-hard football and baseball fan, and he had never watched a single hockey match in his life.

It was not until the day he accidentally saw a hockey match that he realised just how awesome and entertaining it really was. Overwhelmed with excitement, Tony quickly started tweeting about just how great hockey is. The way he expressed his emotions in tweets instantly made him famous and also got him a lot of attention from the St. Louis Blues!

Scroll on below and check out how it all went down.

Here’s what he tweeted.

Noticing a new hockey fan, Blues offered him to watch his first ever hockey game.

Apparently, it really was Tony’s first live game.

On top of everything, he received a jersey from Tarasenko.

As much as I feel happy for him, this is quite hilarious.

Look at the intensity in his eyes. He sure is loving it.

Well, that’s one fan who won’t be changing his favourite team anytime soon. #LetsGoBlues!

Tony spoke to Good Morning America after his initial tweets went viral unknowing that he was also in for a big surprise.

So, are you an NHL fan? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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