The Squat-And-Squint Woman Is Fully Aware That She’s A Meme Now & She Is Too Pure

I don’t know about you, but I believe 2018 has been a stellar year so far regarding memes.

A new LOL-worthy photo, video or GIF rounds the Internet every other week. Especially the picture of this woman looking really close at something with a sense of disbelief in her eyes has been dominating the Internet for the past few days.

You’ve probably seen the picture applied to a number of circumstances yourself. From predictable restaurant orders to scoring poorly on an exam despite doing well on it – the image of this woman is everywhere. The “squat and squint” woman involves a young woman leaning down with her eyes squinted and mouth agape. And she’s looking at something from a distance with both confusion and vigor.

Much to our surprise, this young woman, Kalin Elisa, is fully aware of her newfound fame.

As she responded with this when she was asked if she’s aware of the fact that she’s a meme:

“My goal is life to put as many smiles on as many faces as I can before I leave this earth,” she wrote. “This has been a treat for my soul!”

Here are some of our favorite picks of the “squat and squint” woman:

1. Me looking at the menu.

2. Getting out of the car like.

3. When you just have to.

4. When you and your friend are both out of shape.

5. And here’s the picture that started it all!

What would you relate this picture with? Let us know in the comments below!

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