21 Spot-On Tweets About Married Life That Hit Close To Home

Marriage is a strange thing

It’s like dating, except nothing like dating. But somehow it’s also like moving in with your bestfriend, but also being told what to do. It’s almost otherworldy, and there are so many instances that can make or break your happiness. Let’s face it, though. There are little things more heartwarming than seeing two people thoroughly and irrevocably in love with each other doing silly things.

And I suppose, that’s what marriage is.

Nevertheless, thanks to the internet and the magic of Twitter, we have a few hilarious snippets of married life that just… Warm your heart.

#1 “So how was your day?”

#2 Aggressive dad puns

#3 It’s as instinctive as creating Van Gogh level art

#4 Don’t get too excited. Their insurance is terrible.

#5 Wife, I’m dying.

#6 Brand new popcorn maker

#7 Who’s paying for it?

#8 You can feel the exasperation

#9 She asked for it

#10 This is a sin

#11 Happy birthday, Guacamole fiend

#12 False advertising

#13 It changes everything


#14 I did that three years ago!

#15 Argue about meaningless and irrelevant things

#16 We all have Darth Vader breath

#17 Another is cleaning before the cleaning lady comes so that she doesn’t think you’re incapable of cleaning entirely

#18 He has four girls, his wife has four girls and a boy

#19 Aggressively passive-aggressive

#20 It’s all the kids’ fault

#21 Expert husband


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