Southern Rail Lets A 15-Year-Old Look After Its Twitter Account And He Smashed It

Work experience is an integral part of getting a job

So, you need a job, so you can have experience working at a job, so you can apply for a job. Crazy, isn’t it? To apply for work experience, you usually don’t get paid, and end up doing menial, unnecessary tasks such as making tea or running errands. One 15-year-old wasn’t easily put into the pool, as it were. He was thrown head first into the deep end.

But Eddie came out a legend. The boy was put in charge of Southern Rail’s Twitter account.

He wasn’t faced with an onslaught of abuse, but rather the most intriguing set of questions

But his answers were on point

People asked for recommendations

I doubt he faced any questions that were actually about the railroad

At the very least, you can bond with Eddie over everyone’s love for Doritos

He even gave some cooking advice

Now we get to theΒ thick of it.

People loved his attitude so much, they wanted him back, and Southern complied

Southern Rail has made an official statement since then

“We are pleased to have given Eddie an insight into working life in our social media team and are thrilled to see that he won over so many of our customers yesterday. We have been very impressed at his quick-wit and positive approach at the age of just 15.

“Eddie’s takeover was embraced by Twitter, with the #AskEddie hashtag quickly adopted.”

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