2017 Sony World Photography Best Photos Will Take Your Breath Away

This year, the Sony World Photography Awards reaches its tenth year, and the competition has once again blown away all expectations. As the biggest photography contest in the world, it attracts thousands of photographers, both professional and amateur. Last year, there was a record-breaking turnout of photographers from many different countries around the world, but this year, the record was once again shattered with the shortlist being drawn from 227,596 images, entered from 183 countries, including Armenia, Cuba, Iceland, and Saudi Arabia. This marks the first time these countries have taken part in the event, and the multitude of countries and images shows just how this beautiful art can bring people together.

Now it’s the time to announce the shortlist of the best and most beautiful photos competing in the contest. The winning photographers will be announced on the 20th April, with the overall Photographer of the Year scooping a $25,000 cash prize plus some goodies from Sony. Take a look through these stunning pictures and leave a comment on which you think would win! And remember, these are just some of the pictures- if you want to see more, go check out the official shortlist.

#1 Johnny Krüger, Germany (Open Competition, Wildlife).

Johnny Krüger

This picture shows a white breasted pine martin leaping over some roots. Isn’t he cute?

#2 Andreas Hemb, Sweden (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Andreas Hemb

The reflections really make this image of bison drinking pop.

#3 Zhu Jianxing, China (Open Competition, Travel)

Zhu Jianxing

This image is made even more magical with the fireflies zooming around.

#4 Oktay Subasi, Turkey (Open Competition, Motion)

Oktay Subasi

I wouldn’t want to be in the midst of that dust, but it does make for a stunning photo.

#5 Luo Pin Xi, China (Professional, Sport)

Luo Pin Xi

This picture was taken at the Shaolin Kungfu, one of the famous Wushu schools in China. It focuses on traditional Zen martial arts which are shown off stunningly here by two martial artists.

#6 Eugene Kitsios, Netherlands (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Eugene Kitsios

Three dolphins nosing at the sand also makes for a gorgeous picture. Anyone else feels like they could reach out and touch them?

#7 Barry Tweed-Rycroft, United Kingdom (Open Competition, Architecture)

Barry Tweed-Rycroft

Once again, reflections are used to show off this building to perfection.

#8 Maximilian Conrad, Germany (Open Competition, Nature)

Maximilian Conrad

This picture shows the might and raw power of a storm over the town of Stratford, Texas. This is why you don’t mess with nature.

#9 Hiroshi Tanita, Japan (Open Competition, Nature)

Hiroshi Tanita

This serene forest almost looks ghostly with the contrast of white and dark. It’s giving me chills…

#10 Tom Jacobi, Germany (Professional, Landscape)

Tom Jacobi

This picture almost looks like the stone is cradling the tree.



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