Parent Wants To Punish A Son Who doesn’t Want To Go To Church, Asks For Advice

People change as they grow up.

And parents should realise this and let their kids be rather than forcing their kids into a mould they made. It’s just not right even though it is hard to see your kid ‘stray’ from the path you deem right.

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It is after all their life, and you don’t deserve to punish them for that. And yet so many parents don’t realise this simple thing. That is precisely what happened with this father. You see, his son didn’t want to go to the church.

Rather than respecting his wishes, he decided to go to good old Quora to ask strangers ‘how should he punish his son?’ Yes, that actually did happen. Most people were quite cautious in their response except one who had the perfect answer.

Source: Quora

This is the question that started it all.

Rather than understanding and respecting his son’s decision, he thought it would be best to punish him. But you know how the internet works. There are always some people that love to give perfectly hilarious answers.

That is probably the best punishment ever.

As you can imagine, people had a lot to say about this.

Good for you.


Yeah, that wouldn’t work for long.

Okay sure.

That is one way to say that.

Does it?

I agree.

It is wrong.

I bet your mother is great.

We should respect everyone’s choices.

Everyone has their religious point of view.

Every parent should realise this.

Glad you’re happy.

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