Mother Posts About How She Teaches Her Son That He Isn’t Obligated To Share Things With Others

No one is obliged to do anything another person says!

We all have the complete right to live our lives freely; we are allowed to do whatever we want and to our heart’s content and no one can tell us otherwise! Now, I know all of this is a given, but you see some people do not only find this hard to understand, but they also can’t seem to take a simple “no” for an answer.

Such people lack basic manners and are clearly not taught well by their parents. And this is precisely where the domino effect kicks in! These people teach somewhat the same to their kids, and then the chain goes on! It all comes down to good parenting, and that is precisely why we need to see the following account shared by a mother who taught her son that he isn’t obligated to share things with others.

Carson’s mother posted the following post on ChoosingBeggers/r. Scroll on below and read everything.

She guided her son to say no politely.

But for some reason, they were considered ‘rude’ for politely declining an unreasonable request. Incredible, isn’t it?

If the other person feels no shame in asking for something that doesn’t belong to them why do we hesitate in telling them no?

Nobody owes anything to anyone, so never feel bad about saying ‘no.’

This Mom’s powerful post is a message for everyone that we should always do things to our heart’s content!

And as one can expect this post got a lot of appreciation from people!

So true!

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