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This Is What Thirty Years Of Peeled Off Graffiti Looks Like

This Is What Thirty Years Of Peeled Off Graffiti Looks Like

We’ve all seen those pictures of a hand with several layers of nail polish.

But have you ever seen 30 years of Graffiti in layers?

You see workers painting over graffiti all the time, so it doesn’t actually vanish. Just covered. PaulDeGraaf, an Imgur user recently posted images of a peeled off portion from a Graffiti Hall of Fame named “Doornroosje” located in Nijmegen, Netherlands. PaulDeGraaf shared, “What started as a 70’s Hippie cult place, became a center of music and art in the early 80’s. One of the first places where it was legal to smoke cannabis. It still a Music studio and Graffiti Hall of Fame. The building is surrounded by walls that are all spray painted from top to bottom.” 

More info: demilked

This is what the Graffiti Hall of Fame looks like:


Here is the segment he peeled out from:

And this is what 30 years of graffiti looks like:


“When you take a closer look, you’ll get a layered timeline of 30 years, just like a tree but made out of a spray can paint.”


Oh, and check out this Graffiti timeline:

The actual size of the fragment:



The entire building is covered with Graffiti

Images source: dutchgraffiti

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