Someone Called Police On This Woman With Weave For Most Hilarious Reason

Someone call the fashion police.

I’m sure you’ve heard many people say this in the movies at least. But sadly there is no fashion police so you can’t actually call one when you see someone wearing socks with crocs.

One person however did call the police on someone. No, it wasn’t because the Twitter user Meghan Alexandra was committing some heinous fashion crime. (Although there might be a debate on that.)

It was because someone thought there was a body in her car. Let her explain it in her own words.

Yup, her weave was the reason.

It might have been embarrassing for Meghan.


But Twitter found it hilarious.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a car after this……not that I have a weave.

My thoughts exactly!

You perfectly captured my reaction.


I mean it’s not like they had anything important to do.

Me too dear.

While many users were convinced that this could happen to them.


I mean I can see why.

I lose my extensions and wigs all the time.


While some didn’t believe the story.

Do you think her story was legit? Or did Meghan make it all up? Comment on below and let us know what you think.

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