If You Can Solve These 7 Detective Riddles, Then You Are Attentive & Smarter Than 99% People Who Tried Them

Ready to get your mind jogging?

It is clear that we don’t really use our mind that much anymore. So how is it that it will be kept sharp as time goes? It won’t! So why not try to solve the following perplexing puzzles?

Many people fail at them. but maybe you are one of the lucky few? No cheating though!

#1 The shattered window.

One fine evening, Detective David is lounging around in his pajamas, swinging back in his favorite reclining chair and having some coffee. He also has his favorite music on but that’s suddenly interrupted by the loud crashing sound which comes from right behind him.

David leaps out of the chair to find a brick has made its way through the closed window and notices the three notorious Blacksmith brothers James, Mark and Brad running away.

David changes clothes and is about to head out to investigate who threw the brick when a note slides through his front door saying ‘? Blacksmith. He broke your window’. David suddenly knows which one of the three did it. Do you?

#2 The murderer.

A man murders stabs his wife in cold blood while on a drive and makes sure there are no witnesses. He then throws the blood stained knife into an abyss where no one can ever find it, and is sure to leave no fingerprints.

He then disposes of her body and cleaning everything up, comes home. A few hours later, the police call him and tell him his wife has been murdered and that he needs to arrive at the crime scene.

On his arrival, he is immediately arrested for murdering her. How do they know it was him?

#3 The smuggler.

A man on a bicycle crosses into Mexico from America everyday wearing a shoulder bag. Customs officers know something is fishy and that he’s probably smuggling something.

They check his bag often, but it always contains sand. They let him go. The man, however, is indeed smuggling something across the border daily. Do you know what it is?

#4 The dead wife.

A man was accused of killing his wife and was under trial at court. In his final statement, the man’s lawyer said “I am sure my client did not commit this murder. Bear with us for a moment and the allegedly murdered wife will come walking in through these doors!”

The judge and jury were all surprised and fixed their gaze at the door but even after five minutes, no one came in.

“You see? You’re not sure she’s dead, which is why you all believed me and waited for her!” said the lawyer, but the judge and jury were quick to announce their verdict of guilty. How were they so sure the man had indeed killed his wife?

#5 Cup of coffee.

A man was seated at a Deli early morning and ordered a cup of coffee to enjoy alongside the morning news. He was disturbed abruptly though by finding a fly floating around in his coffee and he ordered the waiter to quickly replace his drink.

The waiter took it away and brought back a seemingly new cup of coffee, but the man soon screamed “What is the service in this place? This is the same cup of coffee!”

How did he know?

#6 Iced-tea.

Two girls were seated at a diner and both ordered iced-tea. One of them was extra thirsty and drank up very quickly while the other slowly sipped on her drink.

The first one didn’t feel satiated so she ordered another drink and then another. A while later, the girl who drank slowly died after just one glass whereas the one who drank three was perfectly healthy.

Why did the poison of three glasses kill but that of one didn’t?

#7 Wrong room.

A woman is staying at a hotel room when suddenly someone knocks at the door. She answers and is surprised to open the door to see a stranger staring at her who bluntly says “Oh I’m sorry, I thought it was my room”.

He then quickly turns away and heads for the elevators. The woman is quick to ring up security though and report him. Why do you think she did that?

Had fun trying to figure out the answers? It’s fine if you couldn’t though.

Following are the answers.

#1 The note said “? Blacksmith”. So in other words it said “Question Mark Blacksmith” Get it? It was Mark!

#2 You see the police only told him to arrive at the scene, they didn’t exactly tell him where the crime scene was. However, he knew the exact spot.

#3 This was an easy one. He was a bicycle smuggler. The sand was only to distract the police.

#4 The judge and jury did give them a chance. However when the Lawyer told them that the wife will come through the door. Everyone was looking there except the murdering husband.

#5 They never sweeten fresh coffee. So the man knew it was the same coffee because he had already sweetened it.

#6 The poison was actually in the ice rather than the tea. So the women who drank slowly had all her ice melted while the other one drank hers too quickly.

#7 If the man really was mistaken. Why did he knock on the door? You don’t knock on your door. He was obviously a thief trying to check if someone was in the room.

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