This Man Just Won The Internet With His Solution To “No Babysitter”

It’s difficult keeping everything in balance once you’re married.

It is even more challenging when you have a baby in your hands. You have to give time to work, your parents, your children, and your wife.

So, date night can be tough at times. Especially when you can’t find a reliable and affordable babysitter.

However, one man decided enough was enough and came up with the perfect solution!


A video shared by LADbible featuring a man discussing with his wife about date night went viral with around 28 million views. Watch it here:

The video shows the woman complaining about how long it has been since she hasn’t been on a date. “Can we do a date night soon? It’s been ages — we haven’t gone out in SO long,” says the lady. They have a toddler, which means they will need a babysitter. And the husband reminds her of how expensive a babysitter can be. He gives her alternatives to going out, but she refuses.


He finally gets sick of the situation and comes up with a solution. He asks his wife to dress up the next evening. She happily does it, expecting to go out like an average couple. When she is finally ready and excited on the doorstep, she realises something; Where is the babysitter? 


He tells her that there is no babysitter, he has something better. So he takes her to their backyard, and there it is. The date night.


They didn’t choose the date night. The date night chose them. 

Yes, the husband actually rented an inflatable pub, complete with a bar, smoke lights, and some crazy lasers. I bet this guy threw some crazy parties in his college days.

Below you can see them on their date, accompanied by their “babysitter”, AKA the monitor screen:


What a fantastic solution! You can spend quality, baby-less time with your wife in the comfort of your own home, and within the budget! Neither are you neglecting your baby, nor are you damaging your relationship with your wife. Her face says it all:


This guy is definitely winning at life.


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