This Solo Traveler Shares Amazing Tips How She Keeps Herself Safe Abroad & You Need To See It Before Your Trip

Traveling alone is quite fun.

I mean I get that traveling with family and friends has it’s advantages, but sometimes you just want alone time in another country. And that is perfectly fine. Sure, you might think that you’ll probably get robbed or harassed if you are alone and a women on top of that.

Well, there is always a chance for that, but you can try to be cautious. That is why Ciara Johnson, a blogger and world traveler has some tips for us. Now, I don’t know about you but I’ll definitely keep these in mind when I embark on my first adventure.

After all, safety comes first.

It might sound crazy but it is probably an amazing feeling.

That is great advice regardless of the fact that you’re living or traveling alone.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Research is the key.

Never pull out your phone when you’re alone.

Do I see a hint of product placement here?

You truly never know who’s lurking around.

Do remember that not all women can be trusted.

Reviews are always the most important part.

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