Guy Gets Added To Soccer Moms Group Chat And He Is Hilariously Trolling Them All

What Can You Even Say About Soccer Moms?

I mean, they can be quite competitive. I don’t blame them though. The world of sports is competitive, so it makes sense. While there may be a stereotype that all soccer moms are selfish and only care about their own child, it is not necessarily true.

The following guy, however, thinks so. As he is embodying that stereotype perfectly. You see, an imgur user was accidentally added in a soccer moms group. What ensued was quite hilarious. Because what do you do if you are accidentally added to a group chat? You troll them obviously!

It All Started With A Bang.


Then It Started To Get Much More Interesting As The Mothers Started To Reply.


Not Surprisingly, The Mothers Were Getting Pissed Off.


I Mean, Snacks Are Very Important.


His Logic However, Is Spot On.


I don’t know why pudding isn’t an acceptable snack though. Is there something wrong with it? Moving on from snacks (Although he didn’t want to.) What did you think of his trolling technique? Because Imgur users loved it. I am still surprised as to how the Moms didn’t figure it out.

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