‘SNL’ Writer Hilariously Trolls Trump By Treating His Tweets Like Personal Texts

Josh Pateen Has Started Responding To Trump’s Texts Like They Are Old Pals.

Donald Trump: Honestly I am not sure what to say about him at this point. It just seems that at this stage everyone is simply trying to troll him. You either hate him with all your heart or you really really love him.

Whatever your political alignment, however, you have to give it to Josh Pateen. He started responding to Trump’s tweets like they knew each other since childhood. He hilariously responded to them like they were texts.

Following is some of his brilliant work.

Via thejoshpatten

I Think He Will Certainly Take You Up On That Offer.

Via thejoshpatten

Everyone Can Relate To This One.

Via thejoshpatten

Just Two Pals Talking About Lunch. Nothing To See Here.

Via thejoshpatten

I Second That Statement.

Via thejoshpatten

Patten Tweeted. “Proud to unveil my new, incredibly stupid project: Responding To Trump Tweets Like They Were Texts.”

Nobody Knows The Reason As To Why This Is So Funny.


It Might Be Childish, But Everyone Loves It.

It Is Not Being Ignored, However.

I Fully Agree With That Statement.

What did you think of Josh Patten’s approach? Did you find it hilarious or just plain old stupid? Whatever your thoughts, comment on below to let us know.

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