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The Snapchat Maps Are Low-Key Ruining Lives And It's Hilarious AF

The Snapchat Maps Are Low-Key Ruining Lives And It’s Hilarious AF

Welcome to Snapchat Stalking 101

In the most recent Snapchat Update, you can view your friends’ location as long as they have a connection and allow it. If you want to turn it off, activate ghost mode. You can do that by first opening Snapchat Map by pinching the screen during selfie mode and setting your location to ghost.

Anyway, besides the obvious STALKER problem, it also has many other… Instances, let’s say, that are honestly pretty freaking funny.

#1 Like this girl, who has a very different, very rational fear

#2 “Sorry, I can’t do that right now.”

#3 This one’s sure to be a touchy situation

#4 She’s definitely at her grandma’s

#5 I guess things could be worse

#6 Out to ruin everyone’s social status

#7 Snap’s a snitch

#8 Channel your inner Gossip Girl

#9 Definitely all kinds of creepy. They even have the model down.

#10 Snapchat’s pulling out the cheaters from the woodwork

#11 Quality content

#12 Who told you that a group chat was a good idea to mention this?

#13 This time you can’t lie about having other plans

#14 I knew they were alive!

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