Snapchat Maps Captures This Guy’s Hilarious Moment And The Internet Is Having A Field Day

Snapchat Maps has really shaken things up

We’ve already covered the hilarity that ensued with the unveiling of Snapchat maps. People were frantic and panicky about how the new update would trap them if they cheated (Which they deserve, more power to Snapchat for that).

Others thought that this would make stalking, a real concern, all the more real. But, despite all that, none were more embarrassed by Snapchat Map more than Dave* and Adam*. Because of the incident I’m about to describe, Dave asked that his real name not be used.

It started with the two lads going to Liverpool to take pictures of ferries.

They dabbled in photography, so thought it was a great pass-time. And it would have been, had Dave not gotten stuck in the mud while he tried to get an angle for a shot.

But that’s not the best part.

While the guy was stuck there for 45 minutes while help arrived, it was his emoji on Maps that really did us all in. Hey, Dave! How you doing?

As you can see, even though Dave was stuck in the mud, his emoji was feeling a double thumbs up.

It went viral on Twitter! With almost 100K retweets

People were breaking down over how comical the whole situation was


How could you one up this?


Dave broke the internet 2017


Some were reasonably worried about Dave’s health

But Alby, that champ,  gave us proof otherwise

You keep on grinning and thumb-uping your way through life, Dave.

Never let anyone get you down.

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