Someone Added Snapchat Filters On Hocus Pocus And It Has The Internet In Stitches

Who doesn’t need a laugh these days?

I mean, with all the horror going on in the world, everyone needs a break from the horrific news and just laugh. And since Halloween is coming, someone had the brilliant idea of combining the two things.

Now, I know that Hocus Pocus is perfect and needs no improvements at all. What if I told you that someone put a Snapchat filter on all the characters? You have to admit that it is a genius idea, since what else could actually improve this masterpiece? Not entirely on board yet? Just take a look at the following, and you’ll understand.

Snapchat filters on one of my favourite movies 🤣🤣🤣 and yes I was that bored haha

Geplaatst door Rich Coop op Zondag 22 oktober 2017

Yes, this really happened!

Via Rich Coop


I am still surprised as to why we didn’t think of this before. Putting Snapchat filters over movie scenes with squeaky voices is possibly the most brilliant thing that we never even knew we needed. Anyone else thinking of all the other films this can apply to. Because let me be honest, My list already has all the horror movies ever made.The girl from The Shining is not going to be that scary with a squeaky voice and blown up lips, is she? (She probably still will be terrifying.) Anyway, this video was actually made by a Facebook user Rich Coop. We are hoping that this is not just a one-time thing.

Nobody is safe from the hilarious filter.

Via Rich Coop

The more you look at their faces, the more normal it becomes.

Via Rich Coop

Are we sure the movie was not meant to be this way already?

Via Rich Coop

This has gotta be the best thing on the Internet right now. (Well, except kittens farting that is.)

Via Rich Coop

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to watch this movie this way till the end.

Via Rich Coop
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