Stepdad Tells Hilarious Story of How His Son Tried To Smuggle A Girl Out Of Their House

Ever helped your girlfriend in sneaking out of the house?

Surely, a lot of us have been in that situation. But let me tell you this, doing this is a lot easier if its not your house. However, if it is and everyone is awake, then you just might not be that lucky.


Sneaking someone in and out is always a risky game in itself. You have to plan everything meticulously. Keep track of everyone in the house. Anticipate everyone’s possible moves. Have a plan B ready just in case things go bad. Be strategic and precise in all your calculations so you can pinpoint the exact time you want to strike. In short, you have to act like Jason Bourne, or you just might get caught.

However, this isn’t necessarily true in all cases. Take the following one for example. An 18-year old guy snuck a girl into his bedroom and now its the next morning, and they are stuck inside the house because everyone is awake. The stepdad, however, knew it all, so he live-tweeted the whole incident. Scroll on below to see what happened next.

Source: DropsNoPanties

Here’s what the stepdad tweeted.

Oh, boy.

Time will tell.

He’s got a point.

Just exactly what are they thinking?!

Woah…that’s an interesting turn of events.

What?! Just like that?

Young man 1 – 0 Everyone.

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