10+ Smiling Doggos From Tumblr You’ll Fall In Love With

  • By Silas
  • December 11, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

How would you determine if a dog is happy?

Dogs are pretty emotional, unlike cats whose silence is quite unsettling.  You can tell that a dog is sad by looking at its eyes and listening to it whines. And a happy dog leaves no doubt in your mind about how happy it is.

A happy dog wags its tail, jumps up on you, gets all excited, and what not. Moreover, just like you and me, a dog smiles when happy. That’s the most basic way of expressing joy, and a dog does it way better than most humans. Don’t believe me? Watch these doggos smile their way through to your heart and steal it!

#1 Happy to see you

#2 Snowy joys

#3 Smiling after eating a hearty meal

#4 This one’s for the camera

#5 Happy to help out

#6 A forced smile but it counts too

#7 Happy despite challenges

#8 Joyful car ride on a sunny day

#9 Happiness is catching treats

#10 All smiles for an open top cross country ride

#11 The ultimate flirty look

#12 Came in like a smiling ball of fur

#13 The happiness of goofing around

#14 Pure joy

#15 Relaxing in the warm weather

#16 Smiling for treats

These happy doggos were brought to you by F Yeah Smiling Dogs.

It is indeed a blessing to have a happy dog in the family. They light up the atmosphere with their playful and warm vibe. Undoubtedly, a home becomes a better place with dogs.

Do you have a smiling dog we should know about? Feel free to show us! Comment below and share this happiness with everyone!

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