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This Is Why Small Puppers Bork More Than Big Doggos

This Is Why Small Puppers Bork More Than Big Doggos

Have you ever noticed that short people are usually more aggressive than tall people?

I mean, the tall ones that I’ve met are mostly laid back. But short people would bury you alive if you mess with them. Its kind of the same with dogs, you see. You might have noticed how small breeds are usually more aggressive and loud.

Ever wondered why? Well, you’re about to find out:

#1 Asserting Leadership.

When you treat these tiny breeds like they are babies(which they are), they will develop the sense that they are in charge. So they act protective and bark loud if they demand someone’s attention.


#2 Boredom.

If your dog feels bored or left out, it will bark for your attention. If your dog isn’t getting enough playtime, it will act out and be aggressive. So make sure you give your dog lots of time and toys, and they will eventually stop barking so much.


#3 Training.

If you think your tiny dog will be easy to manage, you’re wrong. If you train him well, and small dogs are usually fast learners, you can train them to stop barking when you ask them to.


#4 Fear.

If you see your dog staring out the window and barking continuously, it is probably afraid of something. Find out what it is and assure your dog there is no need to be frightened of it. Once they stop barking, give them a treat for being quiet.


#5 Socializing.

All dogs need to socialize. Don’t isolate your small dog. They need to mix with other dogs and feel comfortable with their surroundings. Once they play around, they will most probably stop barking so much.

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