Sleep Deprived Woman Made A Post To Give Away Her Rooster Has Internet In Stitches

Not all heroes wear capes. And this woman named Denell McCaul from Michigan is one of those heroes. Most stuff you get online for a low price or for free isn’t exactly what it appears to be on TV.  But, once in a while, a brave hero actually decides to be honest about it.

The life ruining item they try to unload as “free” isn’t really as great as they claim for it to be. And someone finally pointed that out!

Last week, McCaul, an owner of a rooster and chickens posted an ad on Facebook for her “inconsiderate jerk” and ‘ASSHOLE” rooster that she desperately wanted to get rid of.

FREE to good home. Well, any home really. At this point I don't give a shit what kind of home this inconsiderate jerk…

Geplaatst door Denell McCaul op Woensdag 26 juli 2017

The ad was basically brought to you by extreme sleep deprivation. Someone help this woman!

FREE to good home. Well, any home really. At this point I don’t give a shit what kind of home this inconsiderate jerk goes to: ASSHOLE ROOSTER. He’s the perfect rooster if your alarm is broken and you need to be awake at 5:30 a.m. That is his only setting, 5:30. He has no snooze button but will be quiet just long enough for you to fall back to sleep and then he’ll start back up with his obnoxiouscock-a-doodle-doing right outside of your windows. It’s like he knows where you sleep and can zone in on that particular window so maybe he has some sort of special x-ray vision where he can see sleeping people behind walls. He is also a perfect rooster if you want to start running… around your yard… while you’re trying to get away from him. He no longer goes after me as he is also an instructor of interpretive dance. Or at least that’s what I imagine it looked like as I went after him flapping my arms, jumping up and down, kicking at him, yelling and screaming, and swinging a mop in his direction. So, if you’re looking for an alarm clock with the only setting being 5:30 a.m., a personal trainer and a dance instructor, I have the perfect rooster that is able to fill all 3 of those positions FOR FREE! But you’re coming out to catch this asshole, I want to see your first interpretive dance lesson.

To get your hands on this “free” rooster with “superpowers,” all you have to do is go to Michigan and chase it around while trying not to get attacked in the process.


The internet found this so hilarious that it’s been shared over 60,000 times ever since then. It turns out; there are a lot of rooster stories out there. And it doesn’t usually end too well for the rooster.

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