This Sled Dog Racer Hilariously Described Her Doggos Before They Race In The Iditarod

Meet Blair Braverman; she is a writer and a sledge dog racer residing in Alaska.

This is her team of sled dogs which she is training for this year’s Iditarod.

She tweeted about it, and everyone is excited to get to know the dogs.

So here are the 20 dogs in training, you’ll love them:

1. Pepe

2. Flame

3. Jenga

4. Grinch

5. Colbert

6. Kenai.

7. Boudica

8. Helli.

9. Ebony

10. Lucy.

11. Wickson.

12. Spike

13. Clem.

14. Anya

15. Xander.

16. Willow.

17. Jeff Sharlet.

18. Talese.

19. Hunter.

20. Boo.

Twitter: @BlairBraverman

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