Girl’s 12-Year-Old Sister Humiliated Her In Front Of Whole Class At The Airport With This Sign

Siblings are both a blessing and a curse.

I know a lot of people aren’t incredibly fond of their siblings, but at the same time, you can’t really imagine a life without them. They’re such a significant part of your life, that even if they drive you insane, you can’t live without them. I say that even as my own brother gets on my nerves more often than I can count.

That being said, at least I’ve never had my sibling shame me publicly when I came back from a school trip. Oh, boy, if one of my siblings did that, they’d get a right whooping. See, the girl, Alexa, had an addiction problem a while back, and went to rehab. Her sister decided that it was good idea to troll her and celebrate 90 days sober the day she returned.

She held up this sign.

And even her teacher saw.

Some people were arguably very offended.

But those with addictions found it hilarious.

They can handle themselves just fine.

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