Siri Accidentally Texted This Girl’s Crush And He Had The Best Response For It

So everybody knows what it feels like if you have a crush on somebody.

How it weakens us in the knees when our crush is around, how we are not able to utter a word in front of them and would get nervous whenever they are around. How our friends would put us in embarrassing situations in front of our crushes intentionally.

However, there’s this Twitter user, Ceci, who had to go through one of the worst embarrassments one could think of.


Duuuude, I cannot even imagine that! But as far as I know, that guy dodged her by not even replying and leaving her on the read notification. Damn, that’s the coldest thing one could do!



Gotta admit that this girl surely had guts to post it all on Twitter and let the world see. But then it’s Twitter, and people couldn’t stop laughing because of the obvious reasons. Some were relating to the hilarious embarrassment that Ceci had to go through while some took it as an opportunity to slide into Ceci’s Dm’s.


Savage, indeed.


Now that’s called salting the wounds.




Siri is smart AF, for sure.

Hmm. Interesting.


Relax Brittany; I’m sure you went through it too.







And then many admirers claimed proudly that they wouldn’t leave her with the read notification. And I wouldn’t too, probably.


I doubted that too.



So are you, Bella.


Hah, stop being desperate, Gable.


Hold it there, you shady fucker.


Just make sure you don’t get dropped on the floor while doing that.





She’s a feminist!


With that name of yours, it’s good that you considered her a sister.


And how did he respond? Like this.

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