Single Mother Demands That Her Kid Gets Free Swimming Lessons Alone

I know being a parent can be hard.

Especially if you are a single parent, however, that doesn’t give you leeway to act like a total a**hole to others. You see, it all started when one SINGLE mother decided to get swimming lessons for her son.

She wanted her son to be alone when the teacher taught him but as you can see in the title, the swimming lessons are free so you can’t expect the teacher to listen to your every unreasonable demand.

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First of all, she demands the teacher to listen to her demands then calls her names. When all of that doesn’t work, she asks the teacher for money because the SINGLE mother deserves it more than those other arrogant b*tches.

Source: Reddit

In India, you call someone Aunty when they are older than you as a sign of respect.

It seemed like a simple conversation at first but soon started to go downhill.

It is clear that this woman has no sense of shame.

And isn’t even listening to the teacher.

How rude can a person be?

And then she called the other kids ‘brats.’

I can see why he has anxiety with a mother like her.

Even making decisions on her own?

And here we are!

Mother of the year right here!

Your son needs? Wow. People like these give single parents a bad name.

As you can imagine, people were not happy.

Exactly what I said!

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